Friday, November 18, 2005

Waste of my money


I will refrain from making any snarky jokes about Liza Frulla, the Minister responsible for Status of Women giving $275,988 to the Bata Shoe Museum so that they can buy themselves a digital camera. If you want to see what they are going to be doing, click here. Ooh! I am so thrilled that I can get a close up on those fabulous red shoes!!!

But they gotta be kidding that $1.5 million in funding to develop digital cultural content is a good use of taxpayers money. I run Zeke's Gallery on a shoestring budget, with some beer thrown in for good measure, and here is the list of "digital cultural content" that I've been able to develop without $1.5 million in government funding.

Interviews with Canadian Artists and people in the Arts:
  1. Dominique Blain
  2. Marc Mayer
  3. Toly Kouroumalis
  4. Michel Hellman
  5. Eduardo Kac
  6. Jean-Fran├žois Lacombe
  7. Philip Bottenberg
  8. Zev Tiefenbach, part one, and part two (with audio)
  9. Wil Murray, part one, part two, and part three (with audio)
  10. Eric Waugh, part one, part two (with audio)
  11. Face-Off, the public debate between myself and Marc Mayer, part one, and part two.
  12. Mise au jeu, the public debate in French between myself and Marc Mayer, part one, part two.
  13. Chris Dyer

The Literature Readings that are available:
  1. Harry Thurston
  2. Geoffrey Cook
  3. Matthea Harvey
  4. Christian Hawkey
  5. Fiona Foster
  6. RM Vaughan
  7. Miss Gina
  8. Catherine Paquette
  9. Mark Harris
  10. R John Woolfrey
  11. Joe Meno
  12. Mickey Hess
  13. Sean Carswell
  14. Jason Camlot
  15. Zac Schnier
  16. Johanna Skibsrud

The bands that have played here:
  1. Steve Raegele & Isaiah Ceccarelli. Set One, Set Two.
  2. Lisa Hoffman
  3. Erica Ruth Kelly
  4. Richard Laviolette
  5. Chris Yang
  6. Alysse Rich
  7. The Dust Jackets
  8. Nikita U, set one, set two
  9. The Isaiah Ceccarelli Quntet, Set One, Set Two.
  10. The Dust Jackets.
  11. Carlo Spidla & Nino Menard: Set One, Set Two
  12. Sarah Gregg-Granger
  13. Victoria Stanton
  14. Beneath These Idle Tides
  15. No Birds
  16. Zoe Keating: Set One, Set Two
  17. Shawn Sage
  18. Sean Peever
  19. The Refined: Set One, Set Two
  20. Basia Bulat and the Poche Orchestra
  21. The Toy Box Orchestra: Set one, Set two
  22. Diagram Set one, Set two
  23. Kirsten Jones
  24. Kristin McCaig
  25. Ben Hammond
  26. Hungaratron
  27. Slippery Peat
  28. Sakamoto Hiromiti Set one, Set two
  29. Lonesome Pine Special
  30. Revised Edition, set one, set two.
  31. The Saxophone Quartet
  32. The Double Bass Quartet
  33. Dirty Ol' Band Set one, Set two

And that's just the stuff that is on line, now...

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