Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Diagram at Zeke's Gallery, July 4, 2005


If you prefer your downloads/podcasts as "right click and save as" then you might prefer these:
Diagram Live at Zeke's Gallery, July 4, 2005, set 1. 33:25 minutes, 30.6 MB.

Diagram Live at Zeke's Gallery, July 4, 2005, Set 2. 41:54 minutes, 38.3 MB.

If not continue reading on...

Last night, there were these super nice, super noisy guys from Philadelphia who played here at Zeke's. The name of their band was (and continues to be) Diagram.

This is what the place looked like before they hit the stage.

And this is what it looked like afterwards. Set One

Zeke's Gallery Podcast

Thoroughly enjoyable throughout. Set two

Zeke's Gallery Podcast

The Zeke's Gallery Odeo Channel

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