Tuesday, December 27, 2005

As you might have expected I disagree


Sarah Milroy writes in today's Globe and Mail about the best and worst in the visual arts during 2005.

My votes:
Most overrated event: The Sam Borenstein exhibit
Dubious acquisition award: I actually concur with Ms. Milroy
Brain-drain hall of fame: Umm, I would suggest renaming this - and some serious fact checking by the Globe & Mail - a) it is spelled Paul Greenhalgh, not Greenlagh (notice the "HA"). b) Mr. Greenhalgh is as Canadian as I am (ie not a whit) and only spent 5 freakin' years in Nova Scotia - Brain Drain? How about upwardly mobile? Second, while Canadian Visual Art might have been better served by them staying here, what about Graham Larkin coming home to roost? And if I had the time I could come up with three others exactly like that. ie Canadians coming back to Canada.
Best contemporary-art shows: I only gave two "A+'s" this year for exhibits (Add in one more for an article by Matthew Woodley in January, and another for Jean-Marc Mathieu-Lajoie's contribution to Apparances) Claude Tousignant at the Leonard et Bina Ellen Gallery and Pierre Gauvreau at Loto Quebec. I'd give my eye teeth to have the travel budget Ms. Milroy does.
Best historical exhibitions: The only one I saw was Edwin Holgate.

I'll fill in with the rest tomorrow - when I have more time.

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