Friday, June 03, 2005

Q&D review of Appearances


Yesterday, I got the Musée d'Art Contemporain. Although I was there on other business, I did get a chance to see Appearances.

Annie Baillargeon - C+
Jérôme Fortin - A
Germaine Koh - B+
Tim Lee - C (loses serious points for not doing his research)
Euan Macdonald - B-
Kelly Mark - A
Jean-Marc Mathieu-Lajoie - A+
Damian Moppett - C+
Taras Polataiko - F (nobody was there pedaling, and nobody could tell me when they would be pedaling)
Yannick Pouliot - B
Ana Rewakowicz - B-

I guess I'll have to figure out some way to come up with the $30 so I can read the catalogue and give Gilles Godmer a grade, too.

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