Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Janet Cardiff, e-flux, Canadian Art ad naus...


I recently was having a discussion with tobias c. van Veen about Janet Cardiff's art. It all started when he came across my point about her being a bad electro-acoustic artist (in reference to 40 part motet). He came to her defense, and then the conversation veered off towards the problems with the Canada Council for the Arts.

While there are pieces that Ms. Cardiff has done, that I assume are really good (after all she has won awards and been asked back for repeat performances) I haven't seen (or heard) one that really and truly struck me as original and worthy of the heaping amounts of praise she has received.

Now, I've also discussed how Canadian Artists don't get much respect on the international stage, and how if they spent the $850 (or so) to advertise on e-flux it might help, specifically with regards to Rebecca Belmore. So what comes prancing through my inbox this afternoon? An e-flux ad for something Janet Cardiff has going on at the Vancouver Art Gallery.

First thing I think is: "Woo-Hoo! This is wicked cool!" So I click on the ad. What do I get? This:

If you want, try it yourself, they might have fixed things by the time you read this. First click on this to get to e-flux's website version of the email, and then click through the picture.

Let me know when the kinks have been worked out, ok? In the meantime my opinion of Ms. Cardiff's work is falling, and fast. And if you still have any questions on why Canadian Art ain't getting no respect, you might want to put 'em on hold.

[Update, about 5 minutes later: Now I get it, although I think it would have been a much better advertisement if it clicked through to the actual website.]

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