Tuesday, May 31, 2005

OK, maybe I should just stop living in the present


I've mentioned briefly e-Flux, before. And most everybody knows what I think about this fascination with the Group of Seven.

Well, I might have figured out why Canadian Art only accounts for less than 1% of the international art market.

Here's a list of the countries that have given the e-Flux dudes and dudettes $850 to publicize their entry at the Venice Biennale:

Slovenia, Scotland, The Netherlands, Turkey, Wales, Kosova, The United States, Portugal, Lithuania, France, all of Latin America, Luxembourg, Argentina, Greece, Denmark, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Cyprus and China, so far. There are only 26 countries exhibiting, so with 12 days to go more than 76% have ran ads through e-Flux. Do you think Canada is going to get with the program before the gig is up?

Extra points if you can name the other missing countries. (Check the comments for the answer)

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