Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Big Important Stuff


Maybe Canadian Art, and contemporary Canadian is getting some respect. Who would've thunk?

I just discovered that "Her Long Black Hair" by Janet Cardiff, that was in Central Park this past summer, won First Place in the category of Best Show in an Alternative or Public Space in the International Association of Art Critics/USA 2003-2004 AICA Awards. And not only that, but Rodney Graham got second place in the category of Best Exhibition of Time Based Art (Video, Film, Performance Or Sound).

But the bestest (as Ms. Cardiff in now based in Berlin, and Mr. Graham in on the west coast) is that Rosalind Pepall, Curator of Decorative Art at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts won first place in the category of Best Architecture Or Design Show for "Ruhlmann: Genius of Art Deco."

Cool! Amazing and serious props to Ms. Pepall for scoring that. I hope she enjoys the dinner at MOMA on January 25th, and I hope that she gets a big honking raise, too.

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