Saturday, January 15, 2005

All Roadsworth, All the Time!


Mr. Gibson is certainly getting around. The Gazette piles on with a wonderful and fabulous 1,930 word article about L'Affaire Roadsworth by T'cha Dunlevy [one page version here].

Quotes from: Jean-Pierre Desmarais (Roadsworth's Lawyer), Marc Mayer (director of Montreal's Musee d'Art Contemporain), Darren Becker (Montreal city spokesperson), and Richard Cote (political aide to Helen Fotopoulos).

Apologies to regular readers, but if you're reading this for the first time because of the article in the Gazette, these are the applicable links for all things Roadsworth.

My first post (December 10, 2004) which got the ball rolling.
Post number two (December 13, 2004) discussing historical precedents.
Post three (December 14, 2004) compilation of all the online sources as of that date.
Post four (December 20, 2004) a discussion of what had happened up until then (with a small addendum since - I have since spoken to Maitre Maurice Forget, it seems that my email got lost in cyberspace, he is following the case).
Post number five (December 23, 2004) a bigger, better and improved compilation of things online about Roadsworth.
Post six (January 13, 2005) new additions and discusion of how many different people have responded.
And post seven (January 14, 2005) the La Presse editorial from the week previous (I still haven't had time to translate it, sorry).

As I've mentioned many times, If you're new to the whole thing, don't forget to write to Mayor Tremblay and Helen Fotopulos telling them what you think. I'd be extremely grateful.

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