Thursday, January 13, 2005

Underground Roadsworth? Alternative Roadsworth?


La Presse kicked butt today, but I'm just slightly biased. They published a 1,295 word article by Mario Girard about L'Affaire Roadsworth. One of the things that I particularly liked was that Zeke's Gallery isn't mentioned anywhere.

Then I missed it last week, but the Mirror's Rantline, had a particular tasty piece of ranting about Roadsworth as well [scroll down to the next to last one]. What I found interesting, is how Roadsworth has successfully covered just about every different part of society that I can think of. The Mirror covers (ostensibly) the underground, CMAQ does the underground, right, Urbania covers the glitzy lower Saint Laurent Eurotrash folk, Le Devoir gets the intelligentsia, La Presse gets that mass-appeal sensation going, CJAD [6mb dl] and The Gazette get the angryphones, the National Post gets the cowboys in Calgary, the Globe and Mail gets the pinstriped suits on Bay Street, Maisonneuve gives a literary bent to the whole shebang, and it goes on and on and on.

If you're new to the whole thing, read here and then don't forget to write to Mayor Tremblay and Helen Fotopulos telling them what you think.

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