Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Biennale de Montréal is something like 8 days away


And the preview article in Canadian Art about it is finally available on the internet (although now that I think about it, I haven't seen or heard any other preview stuff about it - does anyone know who is doing their PR?). For those of you who want a quick and dirty preview, since the Biennale's website doesn't, try this (in the order that they were mentioned by Wayne Baerwaldt in the article):
  1. Bill Smith
  2. Scoli Acosta
  3. Annie Pootoogook
  4. Susan Turcot
  5. BGL
  6. Paul P
  7. Julie Doucet
  8. 2 Boys TV
  9. David Altmejd
  10. Comic Craze
  11. Chris Cran
  12. Luanne Martineau
  13. Stephen Andrews
  14. Graeme Patterson
  15. Scott McFarland
  16. Sarah Anne Johnson
Obviously there are more artists involved, and for the record, I am most excited about being able to see Ms. Johnson's work, but disappointed that there is nothing by Phil Allard, Marie France Briere, Nelson Henricks, Francine Lalonde, Real Patry & Claude Rivest, Samuel Roy-Bois or Julie Andrée T. Then if you want to be in the know, here is the story of the band called Crack the Sky and lots of their music as well.

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