Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stuff Seen - Phil Allard


Phil Allard - Mars attaque 2


It made me realize that the Maison de la culture Ahuntsic-Cartierville is one heck of a place, I haven't see an awful lot of exhibits there, but everyone I've seen has been utterly fascinating. And then on top of it they are enhanced because there is never anyone who goes to see the art (likely something about it being a pain in the neck to go up an extra flight of stairs).

Basically, M. Allard got a blob, then he got himself some busted car reflectors, thick wires, a motion detector, and some weird recordings of some seriously strange sounds. Now close your eyes, how would you combine those things?

You got it! Exploding planet here we come!! I've haven't had this much fun at an exhibit since I got to lie down in Samuel Roy-Bois' bed. Yes, you gotta admit that it isn't terribly complex, but it sure as shootin' is earth shattering! (tee-hee)

We couldn't quite figure out where the motion detector picked us up, so we had a whale of a time each creeping closer and closer to the death star trying to prove our points as to where we thought that it started, and if by getting closer the noise got louder. Most museums try and keep you in front of a piece of art for at least 3 minutes, heck! M. Allard kept us in front of his for 30 (ok, I exaggerate slightly, only 20 minutes, but 3 to 30 looks way better that 3 to 20, right?).

I'd love to see more of M. Allard's work, but as per normal at the Maisons de la culture, there wasn't an awful lot of paperwork, ephemera or anything else that I could take with me, and given my absolute glee and joy about his work, I'm a tad scared to go searching, in case this is his greatest work - I really don't want to be disappointed or get depressed that his art is not always this fantabulous.

The show has finished, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, tough noogies.

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