Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Posts, Three Reactions


It must be something in the water. In less than 24 hours, three old posts caused people to confront me in person and ask for clarification. One of them was more than a year old!
  1. Stuff Seen - Roy Hartling
  2. The MacLaren Art Centre in Barrie, Ontario looks like it is drowning
  3. A fake Norval Morrisseau, cool!
With regards to the specifics, in the Roy Hartling post, I presumed that because I could not find any record of the Dawson Institute of Photography, Mr. Hartling had added stuff to his CV that didn't exist. A week later, someone named Andre Manniste pointed out where my presumption was wrong I accepted that and thought the matter over and done. Obviously it wasn't.

I also fielded a phone call from John Lister, director of the Maclaren Art Centre. He wasn't particularly fond of the fact that I suggested his organization should be taken out back and shot. He explained, quite patiently what and how the Maclaren has been doing to try and overcome their history. I explained I try to make this blog entertaining, he accepted my explanation and then patiently pointed out that overcoming their past was something that they were trying and succeeding at doing. It occurred to me, that I might have been a little over the top.

Then I got a call from someone named Michael who claimed to be the person trying to sell the Norval Morrisseau painting I thought was a fake. He rambled on, and on, and on, and on about how the one he was selling wasn't a fake, and that because it had appeared in a picture in the Globe & Mail that it might now be worth $80,000. He also said that his painting had been appraised by an ADAC member, but because he hadn't asked, he didn't feel comfortable informing potential buyers of the appraiser's name, I suggested he ask. Things around Norval Morrisseau paintings are unfortunately rather complicated. He continued to ramble on, I suggested that he leave a comment. He said 'ok.'

Who's next?

And then for the record, this here blog exists to promote Contemporary Canadian Art in pretty much the same way that People Magazine or the National Enquirer promotes popular American culture. Hard, very opinionated and sometimes fast, with large helpings of sacasm, irony, and my pathetic attempts at jokes. If anyone assumes that I should be 'perfect' because I know how to type, then please go watch Entertainment Tonight. If you find that there are any mistakes, please inform me as quickly as possible, and I will attempt to correct them even quicker. If you don't agree with my opinion, cool! I don't agree with yours either, and if you want any help in starting your own blog to let people know your opinions about Contemporary Canadian Art, I'd love to help and don't hesitate to ask.

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