Saturday, February 10, 2007

Win some, loose some - Terence Koh, Peter Doig and Canadian art


On first glance, my pulse went racing when I saw that Terence Koh had been reviewed in today's New York Times. After last week's Stan Douglas review I was beginning to think that Canadian art had started to move or something.

Maybe not. Michael Kimmelman appears to have the same opinion on Mr. Koh's art as I do. Thankfully, he is much more eloquent than I am.

And then, as Mr. Kimmelman describes Mr. Koh as being "Beijing-born, raised in Canada, now in New York..." I figure it is as good a time as any to expalain what I consider Canadian art. or why I consider Peter Doig as much a Canadian artist as your standard issue bald eagle. For future reference, in order for me to consider someone a Canadian artist, they need to have either been born in Canada, be currently living in Canada, or be buried in Canada. No exceptions. So Mr. Koh is as much a Canadian artist as Mr. Doig, and that eagle.

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