Sunday, February 04, 2007

Only because I think everybody expects me to


I'd prefer not to post abuot this article from Saturday's Globe & Mail, but my assumptions about peer pressure got the better of me. All I have really is one question. How did Mr. Houpt come to the conclusion that Terence Koh is 'one of the fastest-rising artists on the New York scene?'

What about David Altmejd? Younger than Mr. Koh, and already going to the Venice Biennale (better than telling someone you want to go to the Venice Biennale).

Sarah Anne Johnson? Much younger than Mr. Koh, and in the collection of the Guggenheim museum (better than a performance in the lobby of the Whitney museum).

Stan Douglas? Older than Mr. Koh, but getting reviewed in the New York Times (better than a fluff profile in the Globe & Mail).

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