Friday, February 09, 2007

Huit Morsis, le film (8 bit, the film)


Not exactly the best translation, but I wasn't trying for a good one, as I don't believe that the film will have been dubbed when it comes to town to play. If you don't quite understand what the heck I am talking about, allow me to rewind a little.

Back in April, 2005 a gallery in Los Angeles, called 1988 had an exhibit called 'I am 8-bit.' I was my usual crabby self when writing about it. If you want to to relive the past here are some pictures from the show. Basically from what I understand, some art based around a vague retro theme of 8-bit computer gaming.

Fast forward a couple of months, the catalog gets published. Fast forward a couple more months and the film gets released. Fast forward to next Saturday and the film plays here in Montreal.

I was asked by my friend Heather if, as she put it, I would 'pimp the film.' The reason she asked, is because I had emailed the folks with the film to ask about screening it here at the gallery, and was told that someone else (namely Heather and her pals) had already beat me to the punch. When I discovered it indeed was Heather and her pals, I emailed her to tell her how pleased I was. She followed up with her request, and I am attempting to fulfill my side of the bargain.

Beyond the film, I'm hoping that the come across the border with catalogues, and at some point I hope that they log into their MySpace account so we can be friends.

Oh, and I know 'morsure' is not a verb...

[Update noon: I've just been informed that 8 Bit, the film and I am 8 bit, the exhibit are not related at all, my bad. Two four letter titles, both dealing with computer games and art. I still am looking forward to seeing the film. Immensely.]

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