Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Maybe I should go to LA


I think I might have beaten Caryn to the punch, but as I'm not a regular reader of Art Blogging Los Angeles, I'm not entirely certain, 'cuz there could be a bunch of other reasons why she chooses (chose?) not to post about i am 8 bit.

I first heard about it from Game Informer Online, not a regular read, but with the death of Hunter Thompson, it appears that New Game Journalism® is where it's at. So, I'm keeping my ear to the ground - and maybe one of these days, I'll even get myself a, gasp, game!

But back to the point at hand - This i am 8 bit exhibit looks like it was organized by someone who understands the medium. My guess is that unlike Art Blogging Los Angeles the exhibit is right up Coagula's alley.

Unlike this exhibit, from San Francisco, which seems to say (on the hush) "we're cooler than you'll ever be." i am 8 bit tosses of the sensation of a fond childhood memory. Then as long as I'm linking to other video game art exhibits, you also should check out this example of a Britney Spears wannabe's attempt at taking over everything about stencil art so that it becomes about as meaningful as a discussion of Ms. Spear's breast augmentation surgery.

So what's the point? Well, given that Montreal claims to be the Gaming Capital of the Free World why are all the game art exhibits happening on the west coast?

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