Friday, February 16, 2007

8 Bit - Getting good press


If you remember, about this time 7 days ago, I told Heather, that I would 'pimp the film' and I am holding up my end of the bargain. Apparently there are some more focused writers here in town who don't automatically think that anything having to do with 30 year old coputer games is related. Meg Hewings of Hour writes a very nice preview of the film. And Erik Leijon over at the Mirror does the same, albeit with many fewer words.

As i said previously, I am looking forward to the film immensely, and if everything goes according to plan should be able to get an interview with Marcin and Justin. If you don't want to click on anything the film, 8 bit will be playing at At SAT (1195 St-Laurent), tomorrow at 7 pm. It costs $10 at door or $8 in advance. See you there.

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