Friday, January 05, 2007

Le Devoir sloppy as usual


I saw this article by Louise-Maude Rioux Soucy in today's Le Devoir, where she basically repeats this opinion piece from last month's Le Monde (if you don't or can't read French there was a timely synopsis in last month's New York Times).

Now where they are getting sloppy, is that while the original article only refers to Atlanta and Abu Dhabi, the fine folk at Le Devoir (aka The paper of Record in Quebec) should have been smart enough to add a sentence or two about the stuff from the Louvre that will be coming to Quebec City next year. Something as simple as; '...l'exposition Le Louvre à Québec. Les arts et la vie, présentée en exclusivité au Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec à l'été 2008, en prêtant pour l'occasion un ensemble d'oeuvres représentatif de ses extraordinaires collections.'

Or am I missing something?

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