Saturday, December 03, 2005

Take that Atlanta!


Last week it was announced with a fair bit of noise that the High Museum in Atlanta was gonna be exhibiting stuff from the Louvre. Although I am fairly certain that this news had not been secret, the fine folk in Atlanta took full-advantage of their fancy new addition to tout all sorts of other stuff (such as this, too) and arts editors all over sat up and took notice. Well, apparently this relationship ain't so exclusive as Michael Shapiro would have you think. In today's La Presse there is a Presse Canadienne repint of a Government of Quebec press release about how John Porter snagged a bunch of stuff from the Louvre, too. Given the vague details of what exactly is going to be exhibited in Atlanta in 2006 and Quebec City in 2008, and the chronic misuse of the word "exclusive," I'm a tad confused about what exactly is going to be exhibited and where. But it sure as shootin' sounds cool. Oh, I'd also love to know how much money changed hands in order to get stuff from the Louvre, and if there was any discount for being able to speak the same language.

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