Monday, January 15, 2007

Bad at Sports 72! They said they would crush me. I'm going to Freeze them cold!!


Back at the beginning of the month they sent me an email about their latest podcast. I said I wouldn't listen if there was no Canadian Content. They said they would 'crush' me. Well, it still looks like I'm 3-D. On the other hand I would bet dollars to doughnuts that they are shaking in their shoes because I'm freezing them cold. They didn't tell me about #71. So I won't listen until they have an ALL-CANADIAN podcast.

Click on this to email them.

These are the names they say they dropped, this time:

Michael Velliquette [USA]; Joey Fauerso [USA]; Leslee Fraser [USA]; The Bower Gallery [USA]; The Stray Show [USA]; Deitch Projects [USA]; Michelle Grabner [USA]; Nancy Mladenoff [USA]; Artpace [USA]; Douglas Gordon [Scotland]; Jenny Saville [England/Italy]; William Wegman [USA]; John Steuart Curry [USA]; Laura Lark [USA]; Jeff Ward [USA]; Packer Schopf Gallery [USA]; Rich Lehl [USA]; NW Coast Invasion [USA]; Demi Raven [USA]; Rebecca Raven [USA]; Eric Stotik [USA]; Ed Wicklander [USA]; Dan Attoe [USA]; Navta Schulz Gallery [USA]; Alexa Horochowski [USA]; Henry Darger [USA]; Paul Gauguin [France]; Fifty/50 Gallery [USA]; Niagara [Not Likely Canadian]; Cynthia Plaster Caster [USA]; Giola Gallery [USA]; Jason Ruhl [USA]; Martin O'Connor [???]; Oprah Winfrey [USA]; Susan Gescheidle [USA]; C. Veston Colvin [???]; Peregrine Honig [USA]; Chris Jahncke [USA]; Abigail Lazkoz [Spain]; Kacy Maddux [USA]; Ilona Niemi [Finland]; Casey Roberts [USA]; A.A. Rucci [USA]; Erika Somogyi [USA]; Chris Uphues [USA]; Patrick W. Welch [USA]; Navta Schulz Gallery [USA]; Alexa Horochowski [Twice]; Marcel Dzama [USA/Canada]; Yayoi Kusama [Japan]; Marianna Levant [USA]; Chris Cosnowski [USA]; Gallery 40000 [USA]; Too Check Effect (Anna Mayer [USA] + Jemima Wyman [USA] = CamLab [???]); Amanda Ross-Ho [USA]; CAA [USA]; ThreeWalls [USA]; Knitting Factory [USA]; Cat Mazza [USA]; Bruce Mau [Canada -Yea!]; Scott Wolniak [USA]; Bodybuilder and Sportsman [USA]; DCKT Contemporary [USA]

One lousy Canadian (whom I'm not all that fond of) one former Canadian, and two typos. No Quebecois Artists. No Quebecoise Artists. No Quebec Art Galleries. No Montreal Artists. No Montreal Art Galleries. What is this world coming to?!?

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