Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bad at Sports #70


Is out, but it has no Canadian, no Quebec, nor any Montreal content. As a consequence I can't listen to the latest Bad at Sports podcast. In the email that they send out informing people of the latest Bad at Sports podcast they write that they namedrop the following people, places and things:
Mark Rothko [Latvia/USA], Clement Greenberg [USA], Jerry Saltz [USA], Michael Friedman (one, two, three) [all USA], Rosalind Krauss, Charles Baudelaire [France], Denis Diderot [France], Artforum [USA], Rick Moody [USA], New York Times [USA], Abigail Solomon-Godeau [USA], MOMA [USA], Oscar Wilde [Ireland/England/France], András Szántó [USA], Michael Kimmelman [USA], Peter Schjeldahl [USA], New Criterion [USA], Benjamin Buchloh [Germany/USA], Gerhard Richter [Germany], Chicago Tribune [USA], Simon Anderson [Australia], Bard College [USA], Michael Newman [USA], Kathryn Hixson [USA], Francis Bacon [Ireland/England], October Magazine [USA], Dave Hickey [USA], Centre Pompidou [France], James Panero [USA], Jacques Derrida [Algeria/France], Anselm Kiefer [Germany/France], Christo and Jeanne-Claude [Bulgaria/France/Morocco/USA], Tim Clark [England/USA], John Updike [USA], Suzi Gablik [USA/England], Richard Kearney [Ireland/England/France/USA], I am a Sex Addict [USA], Caveh Zahedi [Iran/USA]
Not a single Quebecois, Quebecoise, nor a Canuck in the bunch.

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