Thursday, January 11, 2007

$200,000 my eye!


According to this article in Le Devoir (it just ain't their week, is it?) Qu├ębec: Old World Charm, New World Excitement 'an exciting new cluster of programs coming to the Smithsonian' is only going to cost Quebec taxpayers $200,000.

Last year it cost $150,000 just to fly 14 Alberta politicians to Washingon DC. The total cost for the 'Alberta at the Smithsonian' Do was somewhere in the neighborhood of $3 to $4 million depending on whom you talk to.

Now I realize that there are differences between the Quebec Do and the Alberta Do (namely, it doesn't look like Quebec is sending a dumptruck to Washington) but it sure as shootin' doesn't sound like a 95% difference (or maybe that dumptruck really was very expensive).

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