Monday, January 08, 2007

Le Devoir.com worse than 24h


Apologies in advance for the lack of Montreal Art, Quebec Art and Canadian Art news, but I'm frustrated.

Every morning I try to read all the local newspapers. Each web site is different, but for the most part, relatively reader friendly. Because Le Devoir's web site only lists the first three or four articles in their 'culture' section, and when you click on the culture section heading, it repeats those same three or four articles, I have taken to using their advanced seach function, a fairly simple and effective method to get all the articles on their 'culture' section at once.

For the second year in a row, their IT person is alseep at the job. The advanced seach function uses a drop down menu, somehow Benoit Munger (their IT person) hasn't quite figured out that it is now 2007. I emailed him (along with the editorial staff and administration) on the 3rd, when I first noticed it. It is now a five days later and nothing has been done. You'd figure Le Devoir, given their reputation would like people to be able to seach their archives. But obviously not.


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