Thursday, September 28, 2006

Finally! Kitty Scott is news...


Something ridiculous like three months and finally the news break that Kitty Scott no longer works at the National Gallery. A couple of points about the article, it appears that David Franklin & Pierre Theberge are the folk who stifled Ms. Scott (and before my time probably Diana Nemiroff as well) with regards to exhibiting contemporary art.

Mr. Franklin is way out in left-field if he thinks that 'themed exhibitions, rather than "kitchen-sink" biennials, are the way to go.' Oh baby! That Noah's Ark show in Shawinigan was a blockbuster, that everyone saw, eh? Blinded by Science, and Folk, Metal, Pop & Rock were Spectacular! I tell you - Spectacular!! [/sarcasm]

I also found this line interesting, 'Those works are displayed, often briefly, in the contemporary wing of the permanent exhibition space, not in the more prestigious spaces for temporary shows.' It is a freakin' museum! I respectfully disagree with Mr. Gessell (the author of the article) that there are more prestigious and less prestigious places within any museum, you got or you get a show in a museum and you get a show. That's it, that's all she wrote.

However, the most significant bit of information is "I'd be happy to help them if they wanted," Scott said in a recent interview from London. "But they don't. Nobody's requested that." Some bad blood, perhaps?

I assume that the article will be the subject of some talk today and tomorrow at the conference at the Musee des beaux arts. Where it will be possible to hear and see and speak to Josée Drouin-Brisebois, Ms. Scott's temporary replacement (although I will ask why the Museum here didn't just change Ms. Scott's title in the program. and pay slightly more for a plane ticket instead booting her as well?).

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