Sunday, September 17, 2006

Kitty Scott all over the place!


Apologies for being slow, but it was a hectic week. Last week, Kitty Scott's name came came up in conversation not once, but twice. A friend of mine whom I had not seen for about 20 years dropped in, and in passing mentioned that Kitty Scott, he and myself had all taken the same English literature course at Concordia in 1983 or 84. Then on Thursday or so, andother friend stopped by and as I was telling her how I had been in the same class as Kitty Scott, she told me that Kitty Scott no longer worked at the National Gallery, but someplace in England. For those of you scratching your heard, Kitty Scott is, or used to be curator of Contemporary Art at the National Gallery of Canada.

I said 'strange' as I had not heard the news, but my guess would be that Kitty Scott is going to be announced as the new curator of the Barbican Art Gallery. Let's see if my sources and hunch is correct.

[update Sept 18: I was wrong. It ain't the Barbican, but it is the Serpentine Gallery, not quite as prestigious as the Barbican, but a mighty cool place and position none the less, conrgats and good luck to Ms. Scott - and I wonder who is going to fill her shoes?]

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