Friday, September 08, 2006

David vs The Brown Sisters vs the Goldberg family vs. Oxford, Iowa vs Noah


10 months ago, I wrote
about how Micah Lexier was doing similar stuff as Nicholas Nixon. Then in April I discovered that there were a bunch of people out there who were doing the same thing and not calling it art, such as Diego Golberg, Raj Nair, The Rubenstein children, and Peter Feldstein. Now there's a guy named Noah who can be added to the list.

What is especially fufilling is that due to the rapid advance of technology, it is possible to watch Noah's work right here!

Now the question becomes, with the 1.5 million times people have viewed Noah's sequence of pictures so far, does it mean that he is a better artist than Mr. Lexier or Mr. Nixon? Or is it because of his popularity he is a 'pop artist' no different than Peter Max or Norman Rockwell? Or is it because Noah is on YouTube he isn't an artist and because Mr. Lexier and Mr. Nixon are in galleries they are.

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