Monday, April 10, 2006

David vs. the Brown Sisters vs. the Goldberg family vs. Oxford, Iowa vs, vs, vs...


Back in November, I pointed out Micah Lexier's piece of art called "David" and how similar it was in concept to Nicholas Nixon's "The Brown Sisters." And then got cheeky and asked why they were in contemporary art museums and galleries.

Well, I've found four more, three of which ain't in a museum (I think it might have to do with Argentineans being more sensible).

1. Diego Golberg's family, pictures started in 1976.

2. Raj Nair's family, pictures started in 1999.

3. The Rubenstein children, pictures started seriously in 2003.

4. The New York Times story about Peter Feldstein's pictures of residents in Oxford, Iowa.

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