Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Big Changes from AGAC


Back in the day, when they were started or so, the Pierre-Ayot Award and the Louis-Comtois Award were only available to artists who were represented or had had a show at one of the galleries in Association des Galeries d'Art Contemporain de Montreal. Well, late last night, I received a very large email from AGAC.

Initially I was going to call Mark Lanctot, the person responsible for pressing the 'send' button. No one should be sending an unsolicited 4 MB email for any reason whatsoever. But then I realized, because of our past history, he wouldn't be sending me anything willy-nily. So I read to my great surprise

Anyone and everyone who has had an art exhibit in Montreal since October 2004 is now eligible for the Pierre-Ayot Awards and the Louis-Comtois Awards. Cool! I like this new inclusiveness.

[update 2:45 pm: I just got an email from M. Lanctot. I have been mispelling his name from day one, it is with a "K." Just like my good friend Mark Lepage - apologies and mea culpa, I have corrected it here, and will attempt to make sure that I never make the mistake again. He also states that the prizes have always been open to anyone. I would still dispute that until I see the aplication form from 2001.]

[update 4:00 pm: M. Lanctot insists that my memory is incorrect, so I'm going to have to go with him on this one, as I will be the first person to admit that my memory is never very good to begin with. If I can find time I will research it further to see where this phantom memory came from.]

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