Monday, August 07, 2006

A question of priorities


I don't understand the Globe & Mail or Sarah Milroy. They are acting like TASS instead of a newspaper that used to be run by Canada's most whatever art collector. In today's Globe & Mail Ms. Milroy writes about an artist, who as she writes "discourages... the giving of explanations to the press." So, if the artist doesn't want any press or publicity, why is she not respecting Mr. Sehgal's wishes? Or does she think she's bigger and more important than any artist? Especially since on Thursday she and her newspaper have been deliberately spiking an art story [spiking for those not familiar with the newspaper business means not publishing a story]. And what I find even weirder, is that I just found out that one week before Istvan Kantor got down and dirty with the AGO the Globe & Mail published three articles (one and two and three) about his desire to donate blood to the reconstruction of the AGO. So it ain't like it's not newsworthy. Maybe they just never follow up on an article? Whatever, it just looks like sloppy, shoddy and irresponsible journalism from what used to be generally thought of as the best newspaper in Canada.

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