Friday, August 04, 2006

Horay for bloging culture!


And specific and humongous props and shout outs to Ron Nurwisah, Boy Reporter at Torontoist. If he hadn't written this post about Istvan Kantor's latest feat, I never would have known about it. There are four English language newspapers that publish daily in Toronto, The Globe & Mail has nothing, The Toronto Star has nothing, The National Post has a 135 word space filler about it, which somehow fails to mention that Mr. Kantor won the Governor General's Award for Visual arts in 2004. It got reprinted in the Ottawa Citizen as well, still without mention of the Governor General's Award (and Paul Gessell should know better). And finally, as expected there is nothing in the Toronto Sun (although come to think of it, with blood and nudity it should have). So what exactly were Sarah Milroy, Gary Michael Dault, Peter Goddard, whoever replaced Julia Dault, or for that matter any of the numerous people who call themselves journalists who work at those fine publications doing before during and after Mr. Kantor's performance? Last I heard getting busted by the police pretty much was the classic definition of news. And while I'm at it, isn't there this cliche about newspapers 'if it bleeds, it leads?'

So is it political, and there is some unwritten rule that no one will write about Mr. Kantor's performance or do they all have their heads up their asses?

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