Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Congrats to Sarah Anne Johnson & Steven Matijcio


For getting a review in yesterday's Globe & Mail of Sarah Anne Johnson's show called Either Side of Eden. And then in looking at the Plug-In website, I see that Shaan Syed is also having a show. As he left an extremely catty comment on this here blog, I can only guess that he is annoyed at everyone because his name wasn't mentioned in the article.

As for the review, I don't quite understand why Robert Enright chose to use the word 'apposite' in his article, as the Globe & Mail is a daily newspaper, showing off your vocabulary is not the apposite thing to do (unless of course your name is Warren Clements). And how the Galapagos islands are appropriate for 'hard labour' and difficulty is beyond me, last I heard they were pretty nice places to hang out and while away the time on a beach.

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