Monday, June 05, 2006

Shaan Syed 'makes it in the big leagues of contemporary art'


Yeah, right.

I came across this article, which explains that Mr. Syed is £5,000 richer after winning a popularity contest. The way they chose the winner is vaguely reminiscent of Komar & Melamid's The Most Wanted Paintings. While looking up who Mr. Syed is, I discovered this article that was written 2½ years ago by Sharon Doyle Driedger. The article professes to tell the reader who will 'make it in the big leagues of contemporary art.' If Mr. Syed indeed has made 'it in the big leagues of contemporary art,' then why's he still in school?

Note to Ms. Driedger, next time you write about art, it would be a good idea to define your terms. Note to reader, Artfacts.net has a ranking system for the top 50,000 artists in the world. Shaan Syed ain't in it. Then in going through the list of the other nine artists in the Maclean's article, Scott McFarland is the only one on it, and he's ranked 5,245.

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