Tuesday, June 06, 2006

$15,000 from $279,305


Earlier this week I wrote about the Art Bank of Canada buying a bunch of art. One of the questions raised in the comments was 'how much was that Joe Fafard piece?' so I asked. Joe Fafard's piece called 'Nicola 1/5,' of which I know diddly other than the name, cost the Canadian Taxpayer $15,000, according to Carole Breton of the Canada Council.

So, since my main point was what was the average price paid per piece by the Art Bank, so as to show how ridiculoulsly low it was, back before I knew how much the piece by Mr. Fafard cost, the average was: $3,535.50. Now if we remove the $15,000 piece the average for 78 pieces costing $264,305 is: $3,388.53 which is 5% less than the previously ridiculously low average price the art bank paid.

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