Monday, June 05, 2006

I want Steven Matijcio on my side, next time


The Canadian Art Bank announced that they had bought 79 pieces of art today. $279,305 was spent (no mention of if taxes were charged or paid) on 79 pieces for an average price of $3,535.50 (no mention of how piss poor this is for of Canadian Art. Work your fingers to the bone and all the government thinks your work is worth is $3,535.50). But as the jury was picked in order to be geographically diverse (one person from BC, one from the praries, one from Ontario, one from Quebec, and one from the maritimes) I found it interesting that the selections were not as equally distributed. Quebec got 15 purchases, Ontario got 25, BC got 9, the maritimes got four, and the praries got (wait for this...) 16. If this had been a true Canadian distribution, the praries should have gotten something more than the maritimes and something less than BC. I would venture a guess that Bernadette Phan, Bill Rose and France Gascon are rather soft spoken individuals and that Steven Matijcio and Shelley Niro are just a 'tad' outspoken and over the top.

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