Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Duplication? Or something I'm missing?


Back at the beginning of the month, The Art Newspaper reported on a settlement between the National Gallery in Washington DC and the Beaulieus in France. Now at the end of the month, they report the same darn thing, if someone sees a difference between the two articles, please let me know, ok?

The reason that this is important locally is that the director of the Musée des beaux arts is quoted in both articles as saying through a lawyer: "Mr. Cogeval does not contemplate to settle with Mr Beaulieu and Ms Leduc since the proceedings have been suspended for the moment because it has been found that the lawsuit was based on misleading and fraudulent elements, the gravity of which prompted Guy Cogeval and others to file a legal complaint against Mr Beaulieu and Ms Leduc for forgery and use of forged documents, attempted fraud and breach of trust."

I agree with M. Cogeval entirely, but find it very suspicious when every single media outlet in the entire country ignores this.

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