Friday, May 05, 2006

Breaking News!


Guy Cogeval ain't a happy camper. The Art Newspaper reports that the National Gallery in Washington DC has paid $37,500 to Annette Leduc Beaulieu and Brooks Beaulieu. The article refers to a press release from the Musée des beaux arts that states "the museum and its director 'completely exonerated'. Lawyers for the MMFA state: 'Mr Cogeval is not part of the [US] settlement and, as such, neither himself nor the MMFA have admitted any type of liability.'" Unfortunately the Museum's website doesn't have a copy of said press release.

This is not good news.

Why is it, that Sarah Milroy, Peter Goddard, Jerome Delgado, Stephane Baillargeon, Henry Lehmann, either of the Dault's, and Joe Cummings (all people who work for daily NEWS organizations) missed this?

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