Thursday, April 27, 2006

What are you doing on Monday & Tuesday?


There's this Forum sur les arts visuels au Qu├ębec being held by CALQ (you know the guys who give out the cash). It is being held so that they can revise how they give out the cash, it is by invitation only.
  1. Does anybody know where it is being held?
  2. Does anybody know why the location is a secret?
  3. Does anybody know who has been invited?
  4. Does anybody know who was responsible for making up the guest list?
  5. Does anybody know if the guests are getting paid?
And then most importantly, has anyone been invited who has never recieved any money from CALQ? If they are looking to revise things, it is extremely unlikely that anything will change significantly if they only talk to people who have recieved money from CALQ in the past. Preaching to the converted doesn't make the congregation larger, nor does it help in getting new ideas.

If anybody is interested, we've gone through this before, with the Canada Council. If you want to read what I wrote back then, try these:
  1. Talkin' 'bout the Canada Council
  2. More on the Canada Council for the Arts
  3. More and more on the proposed changes to the Canada Council
  4. Is the horse dead yet?
  5. More stuff on the Canada Council

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