Thursday, April 06, 2006

Canada meet Quebec


According to the Canadian Museums Association, there are 220 Art Museums and Related Institutions in Canada. According to the Société des musées québécois there are 96 Art Museums in Quebec (notice the lack of "related institutions"). If almost 50% of the Art Museums in Canada are in Quebec it would be wicked cool! Or it might be that both organizations don't know how to define a museum. Personally, I prefer the second choice. Because according to both definitions Zeke's Gallery is a museum.

Ooops! I almost forgot, there's another place that lists all the Art Museums in Quebec and according to them there are 273 Art museums in Quebec. I wonder who is right? the Canadian Heritage Information Network and the The Canadian Museums Association, the folk who funded the Virtual Museum? Or The Arts and Heritage Sector of the Department of Canadian Heritage the guys who fund the Canadian Museums Association? Or in other words the very same people.

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