Monday, January 16, 2006

Zeke's Museum?


In Alberta, this is the definition of a museum. There's an application [pdf} that you can fill out, and I think that you then can apply and recieve grants from the government of Alberta.

According to the definition:

"A museum is a non-profit making, Check.
permanent institution, Check.
in the service of society, Check.
and of its development, Check.
and open to the public, Check.
which acquires, Check.
conserves, Check.
researches, Check.
communicates, Double Check.
and exhibits, Check.
for purposes of study, Check.
education, Check.
and enjoyment, Check.
material evidence of people and their environment, Check and check.

Hmmm, I still don't think I'll move to Calgary. But maybe they have some outreach programs?

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