Friday, February 17, 2006

This time Robert Spickler and I agree


A little over a year ago I called Mr. Spickler weird, rereading the post, I'm not certain if I had been taking too many drugs - it ain't exactly my best piece of writing. I think I was trying to say that since Mr. Spickler worked at the CCA and the CCA was only doing one exhibit a year, that he wasn't exactly the best person to tout cultural stuff here in town.

What a difference 403 days makes... Mr. Spickler, now the president of the Société des directeurs des musées montréalais comes to the defense of his organization which was unfairly attacked in and by Le Devoir last Monday. This time Mr. Spickler writes a piece called a "Libre opinion" which goes into detail about the backroom shenanigans that happen when museum directors get together. As he has held the job for less than a year, he, too completely forgets about the fire there in November 2003 and how nothing got damaged. While I'm someone who is 100% for gossip and tongue wagging, I always find it very helpful when writing in newspapers to take the high road.

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