Monday, January 10, 2005

Robert Spickler is weird


In this morning's Le Devoir, M. Spickler writes a 1,293 word "Lettre-fiction" that despite my lack of French readin' & ritin' still comes off like some weird science fiction.

Somehow he's figured that by listing off as many cultural institutions as possible, and then suggesting to his readers to think about how they would feel if every last one of 'em shut down, he might be able to shame some of them into paying attention to Montreal's new and improved! Cultural Policy.

Shaming people, or making them feel guilty about not doing something ain't gonna accomplish much. Accentuating the positive is way more effective. If I was going to shame or make Mr. Spickler feel guilty, then I would make some sort of mention of how can a museum think that they are going to be relevant to people by showing a show for one whole entire year? If I was going to accentuate the positive, I say something more like "man that sure is another nice exhibit about how wonderful it was to be in Montreal in the 1960's."

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