Thursday, September 08, 2005

More Art Podcasts


Back in July, I wrote about the Zeke's Gallery Art Podcasts and all the other Art Podcasts that were around. Since then a couple more - 13 to be exact - have come to my attention. I figured that it was time for an update.

In no particular order
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: The Art of Richard Tuttle.
Smart City Radio has a bunch of shows that deal with visual art. (brought to my attention by MAeX Art Blog)
  1. The Creative City
  2. Public Art: Compelling and Provoking
  3. The Creative Class
  4. Creativity and Place-Making
  5. Creative Culture
  6. Creativity for Cities
  7. Art - An Unexploited Asset for Cities?
  8. Can the Arts Energize a City?
  9. How Globalization Affects the Arts
  10. How Art Can Transform a City
  11. Creative Communities
  12. Artists and Economics: The New Civic Mix
  13. How Modern Culture Is Affecting Cities
  14. The Changing Arts Scene in Cities
  15. Creativity and the City
  16. How to Keep the Arts from Dying of Old Age
  17. How a City Celebrates Art and Artists
  18. The Role of Art in America Today
  19. The Creative City Movement
  20. Downtown Revitalization and the Arts
  21. Lessons from Canada
Andrew Rose's Dig a Pony: More a Montreal podcast by someone who happens to be an artist, than a real Art Podcast. But what the hey!
ArtCast Basel: Fairly self-explanatory
Arts Interview with Nancy Kranzberg: From KDHX, Saint Louis.
The Audio Collective: Fairly self-explanatory
Exibart.com: In Italian
The Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum: The Granville Bruce: Old Texas exhibit
KQED's Gallery Crawl: An Art Vblog!
Marina's Artist Studio podcast. I haven't heard it yet.
smARThistory: Carlo Crivelli
Manolis Zacharioudakis' Art Talk in Greece: In Greek
And then, while not really a podcast, I really do dig PRX.org, and their stuff on art.
Happy Listening

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