Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Q&D Analysis #3 - Submitted for your approval


Six things in no particular order that made me think this afternoon.

1. Assistance to Visual Artists: Project Grants worth up to $20,000. One application per person accepted per year. And they've already said that they get something like 100 applications for everyone accepted.
2. CKUT is looking for a Music Programming Coordinator. 35 hours per week, wicked cool perks, $22,000/per year. My best guess would be they get maybe 40 applications.
3. Jeff Wall, Diagonal composition. I don't know an awful lot about this picture other than it doesn't turn my crank much. Apparently it didn't turn many other cranks, last Friday Phillips, de Pury & Company couldn't sell it in New York City.
4. Rodney Graham, Stanley Park cedar #11. Sold on Friday for $93,600 (US) in New York City.
5. Jean-Paul Riopelle, Great sachem. Sold on Friday for $204,000 (US) in New York City.
6. Sotheby's in Association with Ritchies Important Canadian Art Auction on Monday May 30 in Toronto. They estimate the Riopelle they're trying to sell will go for $200K - $300K (roughly the same price as the one above) and then there are some other contemporary artists in the mix Harold Town (top estimate $12K), Yves Gaucher ($20K), Tony Scherman ($20K), Harold Klunder ($25K), Kazuo Nakamura ($12K), Richard Attila Lukacs ($20K), Guido Molinari ($12K), Joe Fafard ($20K), Jack Bush ($60K), and Joanne Tod ($10K).

The Ritchies Riopelle is larger, but looking at my computer screen, I think I like the one Phillips, de Pury & Company sold, better. For all those Europeans and Americans reading this blog, download the catalogue for the Ritchies auction and pick up some bargains. Yes you're going to have to slog through seventy gazillion group of seven paintings, but a Greg Curnoe Artist Proof (#1 fer chisakes!) for a series that was in the National Gallery's retrospective is estimated to go for $7,000 (Canadian) pick wisely and you're sitting pretty.

But given that list of facts (and the bits of opinion), why would any artist worth their salt choose to make art here in Canada?

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