Tuesday, May 17, 2005

New World Record


Apologies for the delay in posts, but as per normal, it has been busy here. Yesterday, this here blog got a ridiculous amount of attention. 2,647 amounts of attention, to be exact. Which then leads me to take an easy way out today by reposting the top five individual posts that have appeared here:

1. Damien Hirst does Roseanne Holland and I have some questions. Originally posted on Monday, March 14, 2005. 2,647 unique hits, yesterday.
2. Free Roadsworth! Originally posted on Friday, December 10, 2004. 1,935 unique hits on December 16, 2004.
3. Boy I'm Glad I'm here in Montreal!! Originally posted on Friday, May 28, 2004. 1,182 unique hits on June 2, 2004.
4. Four for Four! Woo-Hoo! Originally posted on Thursday, May 12, 2005. 378 Unique hits on May 12, 2005.
5. More proof Montreal is different, and likely to get better still. Originally posted on Tuesday, April 12, 2005. 344 Unique hits on April 13, 2005.

From a quick and dirty analysis, it looks like I should use exclamation points in the titles more often. Then while the power of being linked to by other sites that get gazillions of viewers cannot be underestimated. Two of the top five did not happen because of specific outside links. And it seems that this blog appeals more to Europeans than it does to Californians.

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