Monday, February 14, 2005

Woo-Hoo! Maclean in La Presse


Yesterday, La Presse published a 592 word review of Maclean's exhibit at Roger Bellemare. Overall Jerome Delgado heaps a ton of praise on Maclean. However, there is one absolute and complete mistake. And after my correspondence with Mr. Murray Whyte, I hope that La Presse deals with errors like Mr. Whyte says that the Toronto Star does. M. Delgado writes "Comme le révèle son premier solo, tenu à la galerie Roger Bellemare, une des mieux cotées en ville." Which I roughly translate as: "As revealed in his first solo exhibition, held at Roger Bellemare's gallery, which is one of the biggest and best downtown." Sorry M. Delgado, but Maclean has had previous solo exhibitions, here.

I've written to the editors, we'll see if there is any response.

[Update 5:00 pm: There has been a response, click here to read it.]

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