Wednesday, February 16, 2005

New Blog Roll Additions (this could become ridiculous)


New to me, in no particular order:

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art. I didn't know that it existed, now I do, and their current exhibit of "Now Then!" looks super smooth.
James Leonard - Contemporary Artist. I picked Mr. Leonard up through Simpleposie. If Jennifer turns his crank then he's obviously good enough for me.
Megan and Murray McMillan. While they look mighty happy in the photo, if they've discovered a Boy and his Dog, they're alright.
Eva Lake's Diary. I think Ms. Lake rocks. She does a radio show on Contemporary Visual Art in Portland, Oregon. She's going to be interviewing Carolyn Zick. What more could I ask for?
Rhinestones. Julien doesn't seem to given to posting every day, but...
ZeDBloggers. Ummm, while there are tons of things I think are really bad about the CBC, and some things that I think are completely ridiculous, Zed ain't one of them. Quite contrary, they rock like nobody's business. Thanks Kerry, again.

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