Saturday, January 29, 2005

Getting out of here to see other people's art


Yesterday afternoon I went down to the Belgo Building to see if I could find me some stolen paintings. Unfortunately, I am not a good detective so I couldn't even figure out where on the walls they might have been.

However, I did get to see more art than you can shake a stick at. In no particular order, I saw

Louise Masson at Trois Points. B-
Realisations at Joyce Yahouda. C
The Store at Joyce Yahouda. C+
Allover + by Leopold Foulem at Lieu Ouest. B-
Shirley Wiitasalo at Rene Blouin. (If anybody knows where the stolen painting was in the gallery, I'd love to know.) C-
How I learned to stop worrying and love the U.N. by Kate Rusko at Bumper Gallery. B+
Sehnsucht by Manuel Frattini and Anxiety Apology by Afshin Matlabi at Optica. C-
L'Angle mort by Frederic Lavoie and Presque ca by Valerie Blass at B-312. C+
David Hall and Vida Simon at Lilian Rodriguez. C
The Con U Fine Arts PADA Show at Gallery 306. B-
James Prior's Fishing with John James at Skol. A-
Faire du surplace at Circa. B+
Onetop at SAS. C-
Surfaces sensibles by Marc Audette at PFOAC. C
and Susan Valyi (along with some other artists) at Galerie Luz. B

There were probably some other galleries I was at, but as they did not have any available paperwork, press release, price list or stray invitation I don't have anything to jog my memory the day after.

I will write more and in detail about some of the shows, but as you can see from my grades way too much of it was very pedestrian. If you would like to read some very enlightening comments about some of them before I put mine down, go read Mike Patten's Blog, now. He did the Belgo Building last week, and has written very well about what he saw.

Then as two asides, one of the more hilarious things to watch was just about each and every gallery owner in the entire building fall over themselves chatting up Anne Marie Ninacs. Apparently, despite her small stature, she wields some mighty big power.

And if anybody talks to Pierre Francois Ouellette, could you do me a favor and explain the concept of sarcasm to him for me, please? Apparently he's in a snit over this post that I wrote back in August. Although now he's likely to get in another snit because of the grade I gave Surfaces sensibles by Marc Audette.

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