Monday, August 09, 2004

Julia Dault does Alexandre Castonguay


Or maybe the headline should read "Alex does Julia," or maybe I should quote Public Enemy and say "Don't believe the hype." Ms. Dault fawns all over M. Castonguay's work for 380 words. Apparently Pierre-Francois Ouellette is a really good talker, too. The line that got me choking was this one:

"With astounding technological agility, Castonguay has arranged for both screens to simultaneously project the image captured by the Brownie in real time."
Umm, could somebody please suggest to Ms. Dault that she add slashdot to her reading list? Please?! Or at least give her a a gift certificate for some O'Reilly books. If she really wanted to have fun then she should check out casadopinhole, now they really have some kick-ass cameras.

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