Friday, December 10, 2004

The bunking of Dault


Apologies all around, I couldn't resist. Apparently the last time I commented on something Ms. Dault wrote, some people got mighty annoyed and angry with me. Evidently, sarcasm doesn't translate well into French. So, since I got my chops busted by a two-faced weasel who reads English on the level of an autistic brick. [full disclosure: I write French on the level of an autistic and brain-dead brick] But I digress, I figured I would attempt to make another horrific pun on the sleeping habits of Ms. Dault. I don't think it works, but it's too late to stop now.

Anyhows, Ms. Dault buys into the press folderol pumped out by "the venerable McMichael Gallery." Somehow, somewhere, Andrew T. Hunter (adjunct curator for the McMichael) decided that there was a major and significant difference between "virgin" wilderness, and a "worked" wilderness. While she calls the press release "funny." But she then goes on to report everything with a rather straight face, which leads me to believe that she wanted the top bunk, but instead got stuck on the bottom. Going so far as to write:
With The Other Landscape, Hunter is using canonical Canadian art to prove that industry was and still is a hugely defining and largely ignored fact of life in this country.
Umm, I'm not certain if it matters, but where did Mr. Hunter ever get the idea that Canadians "think of ourselves as what Don Cherry would call 'tree-hugger types'?" Last I heard Molson/Coors hit the nail on the head. Methinks that Mr. Hunter has been hanging out with too many of his NDP friends, and was desperate in his attempt to figure out a "different" means to display way too many paintings by the beloved group of seven and their ilk.

If Ms. Dault thought that the press release was truly a gut-buster, then why didn't she treat the exhibition in the same way that I think she would have, had it been at the venerable Museum of Western Art?

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