Thursday, July 01, 2004

Sarah Milroy goes to Shawinigan


I've already written once about the Noah's Ark show in Shawinigan. Ms. Milroy had an article on file that got published last Saturday. She uses 1,305 words to declare the exhibition "a great success."

Her basic premise being it's good, because "It's Fun!"

She talks about how last year's exhibit in Shawinigan was a success, averaging 536 people/day. And now upon looking things up, I can easily see how in a city of 17,000 thinks that getting an influx of tourists is great. But, looking closer, Industry Canada says that there are 244,000 people within 40 km. I'd love to see the breakdown on the visitors. How many of them were actually tourists?

As Ms. Milroy's premise is good clean fun, she doesn't attempt to do much, if any critical analysis of the show. Initially, I was thinking that this wasn't a good idea, but then I realized "hey! It's a newspaper! I can't be giving grief on one day for being academic in a populist medium, and then the next day, saying the exact opposite." So I guess, grudgingly I gotta give Ms. Milroy her due and say that her writing about a show for the masses in a for the masses way in a for the masses medium is good.

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